Associated Jute Industries (AJI®)

In 1979, Associated Jute Industries (AJI®) was established by Mr Pramod Agarwal in Kolkata Region, West Bengal, India with focus on manufacturing and supplying jute bags and sacks to government and large-scale private sectors. In the decade which followed, Mr Agarwal was able to capture almost 10% of sugar and metal industries in India.

In 2001, AJI® foresaw change in market dynamics and demand for polypropylene (PP) bags due to its embedded quality of being durable, cheap and easily available. Hence, AJI® add manufacturing of polypropylene (PP) sacks. At this stage AJI® focused to up to 100 kg sacks entering Government and private sector tenders.

In 2011, AJI® again saw growing demand for FIBC bags and added machineries to manufacture FIBC bags in Kolkata.

In 2016, due to ever increasing demand of polypropylene (PP) bags, AJI® established manufacturing in Haryana (Delhi-NCR)with focus on FIBC bags. This was a strategic move to get closer to northern and western market segments of India.

In 2019, while AJI® has become an established name in jute and polypropylene (PP) bags segment in India, it got ISO 9001:2015 certified to further strengthen its quality standards. AJI® has been continuously maintaining its certification after being first certified on 17 September 2019. It last got certified on 13 September 2022 which is valid till 2025.

AJI® is proud to say that it now has capacity to produceup to 300,000 FIBC bags (over 500 kg) and 10,000,000 sacks (up to 100 kg) per month and its only growing.

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